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1/24 Micro Rock Crawler
1/24 Micro Rock Crawler
1/24 Micro Rock Crawler
1/24 Micro Rock Crawler
1/24 Micro Rock Crawler
Product Code: 0000001277-000001278
Our Price: £96.00

Product Description
The Micro Rock Crawler is unlike any crawler you have ever seen. First, it is the smallest crawler around. And second, it is the first Micro vehicle to have a radio system with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology. The Micro Rock Crawler can pretty much crawl anywhere. You can run it on the couch, over your keyboard, and almost any place outside. The 1/24 Micro Rock Crawler RTRit's small in size and big on fun.
  1. Integrated DSM receiver/ESC combo
  2. Metal worm gears (eliminate the need for a special ESC)
  3. 4-link suspension
  4. Low-profile solid axle housings
  5. Molded telescoping driveshafts
  6. Micro transmission designed for low motor mounting
  7. Molded skid plate for transmission
  8. 3-wire micro crawling servo
  9. Powerful micro motor
  10. Chrome beadlock-style wheels
  11. Realistic soft-compound micro Rock Claw™ tires
  12. Twin vertical plate (TVP) aluminum chassis design
  13. NiMH battery and charger
  14. Fully decorated micro tuber-style body