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8ch Rx 2.4GHz (FS/HS Mode)
Product Code: 0000001028-000001028
Our Price: £101.95
Product Description
 This 8ch receiver from Futaba differs from all previous receivers because it can run on 2 modes. There is a "Normal Mode" where the receiver works like all previous Futaba 2.4 GHz receivers but there is also a "High Speed" setting with high resolution for the demanding modeller.

The "Normal Mode" accepts any type of servos or the peripherals as the frame rate of the output is 14ms. The "High Speed mode" only accepts digital servos (including BLS series) in channels 1 to 6, and most peripheral equipments such as the gyros or brushless ESCs.

The frame rate of the outputs is 7ms (twice the standard speed). The outputs for other channels allow the use of any type of servos as the frame rate of these outputs are still 14ms on the High Speed mode.

Weight: 13.5g
Channels: 8
Dimensions: 45 x 22 x 13mm