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Western Valley Models based in Risca near Newport in South Wales are a long established model shop.
Supplying not only Wales and the rest of the United Kingdom but also shipping all over Europe and as far away as Australia on a regular basis.

We carry a huge stock of radio controlled and static model cars, planes and boats, but more importantly we carry the spares to and offer on site repairs to support our loyal customer base.

We have something for pretty much everyone in our shop so please come along and meet the friendly team in store or order online.

Meet The Team

  • Introduce yourself - My name is Hedley Williams and I am the owner of Western Valley Models
  • How old are you? - I am 25 Years Old
  • How long have you been involved in the RC Industry? - 9 Years so far
  • What RC models do you currently own? - At the moment I have a HPI Savage Flux, a FG Leopard and a Raptor Helicopter
  • What is your favourite food? - Chinese, McDonalds and my absolute favourites are Bernard Matthews Dinosaurs !!
  • Football or Rugby? - Rugby all the way 
  • What is your favourite model? - The FG Leopard, its fully alloyed and I like shiney things !!

  • Introduce yourself - Hi everyone my name is Wayne Gambin.
  • How old are you - I am 39 years young
  • How long have you been into RC - I am only 18 months into the hobby but have a real passion for it, im hooked !
  • What models do you own - I currently own a HPI Vorza, HPI Baja, Traxxas E-Revo, T-Maxx, Hyper 8.5, Maverick scout, 2 x blade scouts and a hubsan x4
  • Whats your favourite - It's got to be my brushless HPI Baja, a superb piece of engineering. 
  • Whats your favourite food - I do like a good mixed grill.
  • Football or Rugby - Love my football and also playing fifa on the ps3.