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ansman virus Kit No Engine
ansman virus Kit No Engine
Product Code: 0000001364-000001365
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Product Description
Product Description

The Virus 2.0 is a brand new enhancement of its predecessor. For those who don’t just like to have fun off-road, but like to go freestyle at the funpark, too! The Virus from ANSMANN Racing isn't just ready to run – it's been thoroughly tested at the funpark, and proven ready to rock!

The Virus is absolutely outrageous and a wonder of technology at the same time. Equipped with advanced technology and high-tech materials, it stands in a league of its own! Small jumps are a bore; only monster jumps can satisfy the Virus. Whether it’s backflips over the spine or on the dirt trail, the fun is non-stop! The AR-21 engine (3.5ccm) and tuned-up muffler mean full speed ahead on the trail. The chassis offers a variety of adjustment options thanks to variable track, camber and shock-absorber characteristics. The professional racing brake system guarantees perfect deceleration. In addition, the Virus has an RC box that protects against weather conditions. The RC system is pre-assembled and tuned so the car is ready to run. A powerful steering servo that provides quick handling is also included in the RTR set.

• Fully ball bearing mounted
• High-performance differentials
• 3.5ccm Force engine (RTR)
• 3-shoe racing clutch
• Hardened drive shafts
• Pivot ball system on the front axle for improved steering response
• 3mm aluminium chassis (T6) with countersunk screws
• Air-cooled steel brake disc
• Splash-proof RC box
• Side protection
• Rear chassis brace
• Aluminium oil shocks
• Adjustable spoiler
• 17mm standard wheel hub
• 4mm shock towers f/r