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exo terra buggy
Product Code: 0000001358-000001359
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Product Description

Axial's R & D team started with a clean slate and took an in depth look at the off-road desert scene before starting the EXO Terra Buggy project.

The design concept was simple, if money were no object and we could build any full size rig we wanted, what would it be?
Trophy trucks are awesome, Class-1 buggies are just as cool, but you only get to take along one friend. Then there is the sand and silt out in the desert, no one likes to get stuck, and 2WD Trophy Trucks and Class 1 rigs are always buried to the belly pan, so we need 4 wheel drive. Then there are 4 seat sand cars that accommodate you and 3 friends, but they don't usually work that well outside of the sand dunes. The decision was made to marry the best of all worlds into one vehicle that can tackle even the harshest terrain in style with 3 of your closest friends.

Axial have chosen a variety of parts that keep the EXO durable and performing at a high level. These include steel turnbuckles, steel dogbones, steel outdrives, captured stainless steel hinge pins, full ball bearings, titanium nitride coated shock shafts and steering pins and a sintered steel pinion gear.

The EXO features a variety of fully licensed, realistic features including a V8 Turn-key engine, a Fuel Safe fuel cell and an interior body set with four Corbeau race seats.

The EXO also features realistic, officially licensed Hankook Dynapro MT tires that perform as good as they look. Raceline is by far the most popular wheel for extreme duty off-roading. Their ability to stand up to the abuse demanded by the full-size racer and their show quality finish is second to none. The officially licensed Raceline Renegade gives the EXO™ that authentic racing look as well as providing the strength to handle whatever you can dish out!

There are many components that have to work in harmony make the suspension work like a rock star! Threaded shock bodies, multiple shock positions front and rear, adjustments for toe, kick-up (rear), camber, roll center and ackerman allow you to fine tune your suspension for high performance and high speed handling.

The Axial EXO Terra Buggy Born out of the desert, the worlds harshest terrain, ready to hit any terrain you throw at it with all-out, high speed performance! The Axial EXO Terra Buggy is tons of FUN with the ability to tame even the harshest environments, from gritty sand dunes to suspension clapping rough whoops!


  • Adjustable Motor Mount
  • Standard 32 Pitch Gears
  • Three Oil-Filled Differentials
  • Durable Driveline Components
  • Quick Release Battery Mount
  • Integrated Light Bar
  • Protective Skid Plate Bumpers
  • Rear Tail Lights
  • 2.2/3.0 Raceline Renegade Wheels
  • Hankook Dynapro MT Tires
  • Licensed Griffin Radiator
  • Adjustable Suspension
  • High Quality Components
  • Tuned Shock Springs
  • High Quality Steering System
  • Wire Routing
  • Waterproof Receiver Box
  • Patent Pending ESC Clip
  • Realistic Scale Details
  • Robust Molded Roll Cage Design
  • 4mm Aluminum Chassis
  • Double Shear Mount

* This kit requires a 540 or 550 sized brushless motor, electronic speed controller, radio system, steering servo, battery & charger and paint to complete.