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Mini Inferno ST 09
Mini Inferno ST 09
Product Code: 0000001230-000001231
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Product Description

Extended tread uses special long span suspension arms, dogbones and shock stays. Longer suspension stroke produces superior rough road performance.

Mounted with a specially designed rear-exhaust SIRIO 09 (1.5cc) engine, made by the world’s leading racing engine manufacturer. Special slide carburetor and silencer produce amazing power and response.

Includes specially shaped 6V-500mAh Nickel Metal Hydride battery and built-in radio box. The Readyset also features 2 servos with high-durability metal gears.

Long span suspension arms and pre-fitted inner foam in the large diameter rubber tires are matched to the specially designed wheels. Add the excellent damping power of the oil shocks and running performance is something to behold.

Shaft-driven 4WD chassis is a Half-8 sized replica of the 1/8 Inferno. Full bearing specifications include 18 ball bearings. Same setting adjustments possible as in the 1/8 model.

Simply push the chassis down on the special Half-8 starter box included to crank the engine for easy engine starting.

  • World Champion INFERNO has been condensed into a Half-8 size stadium truck with the same center-shaft driven chassis design.
  • Mounted with high-performance Italian made SIRIO 09 (1.5cc) engine with true racing rear exhaust and slide carburetor.
  • Wide tread specifications include long span suspension arms, special dogbones and shock stays.
  • Deep stroke suspension produces excellent performance on the roughest roads.
  • Features reinforced metal gears (excluding spur gear). The 4 bevel diff gears are tough and produce high-efficiency performance as well.
  • Both servos included are reinforced with metal gears and deliver high-torque.
  • Includes Half-8 starter box. Simply mount chassis on starter box to start the engine.
  • Equipped with 6V-500mAh Nickel Metal Hydride battery to power receiver and servos.
  • Large diameter rubber tires include inner foam support and are pre-fitted to the specially designed wheels.
  • High-performance oil shocks fitted on all four wheels.
  • Full bearing specifications include 18 ball bearings.
  • Various components including the strengthened main chassis plate have been reinforced to handle the power of the SIRIO engine.
  • Stable and responsive control is promised by the included PERFEX KT-3 R/C system.
  • 38cc fuel tank features catch and drain for fuel overflow. Provides about 7-minute run times.
  • Setting parts provide a multitude of options for extracting the most speed and performance.
  • Compatible with many optional parts for the electric version Mini-Inferno ST.
  • Two body color schemes to choose from: Fire Flare and S-Stripe.

< ReadySet Contents >

  • Pre-assembled chassis complete with pre-set R/C linkages
  • Pre-cut, pre-painted body finished with stickers applied
  • Pre-installed PERFEX KT-3 R/C system
  • 6V-500mAh Ni-MH battery for receiver and servos
  • Starter box
  • Special glow plug (spare plug included)
  • Engine starting tools (plug heater, fuel pump, cross wrench)
  • Setting parts

< Required for Operation >

  • AA-size x 8 batteries for transmitter
  • D-size x 2 batteries for plug heater
  • 7.2V battery pack for starter box
  • Battery charger
  • Fuel
Chassis Technical Data
Length 290mm
Width 215mm
Height 100mm
Ground Clearance 15~25mm
Wheelbase 192mm
Tread (F/R) 175mm
Tire(F/R) Φ74(D)×36(W)mm
Gear Ratio 8.3:1
Weight 1,050g (approx.)
Engine SIRIO 09 (1.5cc)