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O.S. OMA-5025-375 Brushless Motor
Product Code: 0000001025-000001025
Our Price: £84.95

Product Description
 Legendary O.S. quality in a brushless electric motor! This one is intended as a replacement of .55 - .61 class 2 stroke and .91 class 4 stroke engines, using 6 to 8 cell Li-Po packs and will provide strong, linear power.

This new range of brushless motors features a unique. O.S. designed cooling system, a strengthened centre body and large ball bearings. The propeller driver has been machined from stainless steel for both strength and durability.

Each motor is balanced during manufacture for optimum running and reliability.

Supplied with a rear mount and 4mm gold connectors as standard accessories.

Weight: 405g
Turns: 16
Resistance: 27.5 mOhms
Bearings: 3
Current Range: 50 - 60A
ESC Timing Degrees: 20 - 30 Degrees
KV RPM: 375
Max Current: 90A for 10 secs
Pole: 14 Poles
Power Output: 1550W
Nominal Voltage: 25.9 - 29.6v (7 - 8S Li-Po)
No Load Current: 2.0A
Max Efficiency: 85%
Shaft dia: 6mm
Shaft Length: 11.5mm