1/5 Monster Truck (MTXL) Black
1/5 Monster Truck (MTXL) Black
1/5 Monster Truck (MTXL) Black
1/5 Monster Truck (MTXL) Black
1/5 Monster Truck (MTXL) Black

1/5 Monster Truck (MTXL) Black

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Product information

MTXL Overview
Demolish the off-road at maximum magnitude behind the wheel of the massive 36" long - 26 in wide Losi Monster Truck XL. This awe-inspiring 1/5-scale off-road offender comes ready to turn heads at blistering 30+ MPH speeds with a formidable Dynamite 29cc petrol engine and a 4WD system based on the Losi Desert Buggy XL. To help manage its insane power, the Monster Truck XL comes equipped with AVC Technology and two authoritative large-scale steering servos so you can drive with nothing held back. Shredding your signature into the pavement is especially easy thanks to responsive Aluminium front spindles, heavy-duty monster truck tyres, and viscous torque differentials that consistently deliver maximum power whenever you want to grip and rip the throttle of the included Spektrum DX2E transmitter. Whenever it enters a fray, large bore threaded shocks attached to extend chassis suspension arms give the Monster Truck XL the advantage over competitors. Get your own Monster Truck XL and satisfy your hunger for unparalleled 1/5-scale viciousness ASAP.

MTXL Chassis
MTXL FeatureMTXL Feature

Powerful 29cc Petrol Engine with Pull Start
The Losi® Monster Truck XL comes equipped with a reliable Dynamite® 29cc petrol engine. The engine also enables long run times and won’t quit even when the going gets rough.

4WD Drivetrain Based on the Desert Buggy XL™
The drivetrain used in the Monster Truck XL is based on the Desert Buggy XL™ platform. This proven platform has earned a reputation for reliability and performance both on and off the track.

Aluminium Front Spindles
To help maximize agility and add extra durability, the Monster Truck XL is equipped with aluminium front spindles that remove flex and keeps steering fluid no matter how brutal the terrain gets.

Extended Length 4mm Aluminium Chassis
You'll never need to worry about the pavement leaving a lasting impression thanks to an incredibly durable 4mm extended length aluminium chassis.

Dual High Torque Large Scale HV Servos
With a ride this massive, you'll need all the directional power you can get, and the Monster Truck XL delivers. Dual high torque large-scale steering servos keep this behemoth truck headed wherever you please with supreme responsiveness.

Sealed Viscous Differentials
Three viscous torque differentials help prevent wheel spin and ensure that the Monster Truck XL can attack the pavement with maximum ferocity.

Large Bore Threaded Shocks
The Monster Truck XL may be massive, but large bore threaded shocks keep it ready to pounce with supreme agility. Whether all four wheels are on or off the ground, these massive and adjustable shocks keep the truck stable and always prepared to attack.

Monster Truck Wheels and Tyres
Tear through terrain or pummel the pavement with maximum grip thanks to massive new monster truck tyres featuring monster claws treads.

Fully Molded Roll Cage
A custom molded roll cage helps support the massive truck body during large impacts and additionally protects the engine.

Two Colour Varients
The Monster Truck XL is available in two colour variations, one with a white base layer and the other with a black base laye

Technical specifications

Brand Losi
Code LOS05009T2


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