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A Ground Up Design
Building on the experience gained from both the DX6 and 7 the DX6i is a ground-up design delivering all of the advantages that Spektrum’s DSM2 technology offers, at a very affordable price. The ability to fly anywhere without concerns of frequency clashes, no more model generated interference and the added advantage of features like SmartSafe™, ModelMatch™ and ServoSync™ all contribute to making flying simply safer and more enjoyable with DX6i.

A Proven Technology
Underpinned with DSM2 technology the DX6i is a full-range transmitter that can be used to fly all types of craft from small ultra-lights , foamies and mini helis to larger glow or gas powered planes. For two years team pilots and Spektrum engineers have been testing and using the same DSM2 technology that the DX6i employs with DX7 and the Spektrum Air Modules, proving constantly that the technology delivers on its promise of reliable peg free, interference free flying.

Ergonomic design
As with any device that we have to interface with the underlying technology it’s only part of the overall design story. DX6i has been designed very much with this in mind and input starting from the original DX6 transmitter has seen it carefully evolve into a transmitter that is both comfortable and pleasing to have in the hand and one that offers easy access to all of the controls and adjustment inputs. It is relatively light weight, due in part to its efficiency and the need for only four batteries to power it, but feels substantial to hold. As such it evokes an air of confidence in that it is a competent and substantial piece of equipment that can be used with more than one plane or heli rather than a more toy-like transmitter that is dedicated to just one particular model.

A new switch arrangement on the DX6i adds functionality that other radios in its class simply don’t offer. In addition to the traditional elevator and aileron dual-rate switches, the DX6i also offers a third rudder dual-rate switch. This may only be a small addition, but is never the less one that can enhance the flying experience.

With the large amount of programming that is utilised in today’s transmitters navigation through the vast array of menus can become very cumbersome. Rather than using a combination of buttons and switches as with some radios DX6i uses a single scroll and click roller selector. The three-way roller selector allows you to scroll up or down through the menu along with selecting a menu item by simply pressing it in. The menus are displayed on an easy to read substantial 60 by 25mm LCD screen that features contrast adjustment to optimise viewing in all conditions.

Advanced Programming
The DX6i is loaded with advanced programming features that up until now would only be found on more expensive transmitters. It provides an ideal solution for anyone who is looking for economically priced full-featured radio system, thanks to its extensive, feature-rich and easy to use menu system. From basic trim settings for planes to advanced settings for helis it has them all. Featuring a ten model memory it can store each models unique settings, and as they are saved with a multi-character name, accessing them when out flying is very easy.

Receiver Compatability
The DX6i comes with the AR6200 receiver which can be used for any plane requiring six channels or less. The transmitter is though, compatible with all the Spektrum DSM2 full range and park flyer receivers


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Code 0000001297-000001298


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