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Phoenix R/C V3 Version USB Flight Simulator - Latest Version (over 100 models)

Now includes popular models fom Parkzone, E-Flite, Horizon, Multiplex and many more!

R/C Model flight simulator with internet and over 100 Models covering ALL disciplines - take a look at the Pheonix website link below (bottom of this page) for more information. Phoenix is a wonderful flight simulator that will provide experience and enjoyment. You will not see another simulator that provides this level of detail and it is quite a fresh of breath air.

PhoenixRC combines incredibly realistic physics with state of the art graphics and a multitude of original features and training modes to satisfy pilots of all skill levels. Approved and developed by former British Champions, industry professionals and 3D master flyers.

* Stable, powerful and accurate custom-built dynamics engine. Advanced graphics capabilities with special effects. Over 100 beautifully modelled and realistic aircraft, including autogyros, tilt-rotors and sea-planes. 17 unique 360 degree photographic panoramic sceneries. Realistic water simulation with float aircraft.

Clear, intuitive, easy-to-use yet in-depth graphical interface. Incredibly powerful flight recording and playback tools for instant motion. Exciting Night Flying mode with realistic glow-schemes and dedicated aircraft. Detailed professional customisation system with revolutionary in-flight tuning system. Advanced training modes for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. Unique competition modes make improving your skills fun and exciting. Support for up to four people flying simultaneously via split-screen. Custom Plug and Play USB interface included.

Minimum System Requirements:
* Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows7
* 1.0 Ghz Pentium 3/4 or AMD Athlon/64 compatible processor
* 256MB system memory (RAM)
* 750MB free, uncompressed hard-disk space*
* ATI Radeon 9600/NVidia Geforce Ti4200 with at least 128MB memory
* Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or higher **
* CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Drive for installation
* 1 free USB 1.1/2.0 port
** 100% DirectX 9 compatible sound card (optional)

New Features include:
* Automatic Updates system for new models, flying sites and program updates, Selectable training undercarriage option for all helicopter models, Binocular feature. New and improved fixed-wing and helicopter models. New flying sites including slope soaring sceneries. New camera-modes: Free-look, Keep Ground In View and Shift-look. Fully panoramic flying site previews. Selectable pilots for fixed-wing models. User-definable hotkeys for all program features.

More advanced flight recorder:
* Records crashes, model changes and flying site changes. New compression for smaller file-size. Record multiple models. Fly with recordings, spectator recordings or free-look. Set playback model colour and transparency. Loop, rewind, fast-forward and shuttle with your mouse. New Simulation Speed onscreen widget

Training and Competitions:
* Better display and more options on existing modes. New Bomb Drop competition for single and multi-player modes

* Full professional tutorial and training course with audio commentary. New user-friendly browser with descriptions. Model control functions can now be assigned to any keyboard combination. QuickMenu allows control of main program functions from the transmitter. Advanced channel curve system allows you to define your own curve-points. Colour Selector for various options with favourite colours saved for later use. New X-Audio sound library for increased compatibility - this is now the default audio library for Phoenix.

Enhanced physics:
* More realistic undercarriage, ground interaction and bumpiness

* Enhanced Fixed-wing dynamics:
All-new physics, developed with the aid of UK freestyle champion Mike Williams. Reaction of centre-of-gravity to undercarriage retraction, Dual aileron controls. Dual elevator controls

Advanced mixes: Flaperons, Tailevators, Rudder/Elevator and Throttle/Rudder. Improved glider and slope-soaring physics

Enhanced helicopter dynamics:
* Developed with the aid of 3D Masters Champion Duncan Osborne. Enhanced collective-pitch response. Enhanced tail-rotor wash. Control governor speed from transmitter channel

Improved Graphical User Interface:
* Cleaner, more user-friendly look and feel. Main menu reorganised for easier navigation. Changeable colour-themes. New Initial Setup, Setup New Transmitter, Create Control Profile and other wizards. Brand-new widgets system for resizable, moveable and dockable onscreen displays. Improved Variometer. Improved Controller display. Improved Wind compass. Improved Flight Information with many more options for data and setup. Improved Sky Orientation display. Improved In-flight tuning. New Quit button on main menu. Switch off transmitter warning if you exit with transmitter connected. Improved and configurable favourites system with subfolders. Recently flown models quick selection menu. Recently used flying-sites quick selection menu. Visual, draggable Centre of Gravity manipulator in Edit Model menu. New visual starting position and orientation selection system.

New streamer system:
* Optimised graphically. Physically accurate movement with wind and drag. Set to any length or colour. Set differently per model

New smoke system:
* Optimised graphically. Set to any colour. Set differently per model. Options to hide most warnings, messages and helpers.

Control system:
* Model control response increased, New system for improved smoothness and accuracy

Enhanced graphics:
* New renderer with fast, accurate, soft self-shadowing. Improved exhaust and display smoke rendering

Improved water effects:
* Motion and ripple effects enhanced. Better reflections. Better shadowing. Improved rendering at distance. New sun-glow and night-light glow effects. New thermals display. New physically controlled wind-sock and flags.

Scenery improvements:
* Enhanced collision detection system. Slope-soaring flying sites. Wind-fields and custom flying-site weather patterns. New advanced flying-site scenery masking system. High Quality option with 4 times standard background quality for selected sites.

* General performance improvements. Improved start-position searching and selection

Please note that the Phoenix simulator is supplied with a JR compatible lead, that allows easy connection to your JR transmiter. Adaptor leads are available seperately for connection to Futaba round or square and Sanwa
Also note this is usually boxed witha DX5e, The DX5e has been removed and instructions are in electronic formaton the CD. 

Technical specifications

Brand Pheonix
Code 0000001287-000001288


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