Traxxas Spartan 2.4GHz RTR Boat with Brushless System

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Spartan is the kind of boat you would expect from Traxxas with extreme Velineon brushless power, ballistic speed and a huge rooster tail of water that continues to rain down long after this boat has passed by! 30+ mph out of the box with a possible 50+ mph with optional 6S Li-Po batteries fitted, Spartan is clearly no slouch!

Spartan’s super rigid hull ensures extreme performance through the use of layered ABS sections, able to take the stresses of brushless power and lighter than an equivalent fibreglass hull. The transom bulkhead incorporates bosses for the trim tabs, turn fins, rudder support and drive strut, so eliminating the need for plywood doublers and other additional hardware inside the hull. Finally, moulded foam is fitted in the bow to stiffen the hull without adding unwanted weight.

An easy-access hatch is precision fitted and secured with a single body clip (itself protected by a neat lanyard) so no sealing tape is required and a specially designed drip rail in the hull channels away any water that washes over the hatch - ingenious! Even the outlet for the water-cooling system has been specially streamlined to help reduce power-sapping drag, so there’s no unsightly tube poking out of the hull’s side here!

An integrated tray containing all onboard electronics can be easily removed from the hull for maintenance, simply by loosening two screws. These moulded parts fit precisely into the hull for perfect alignment every time without the need for crude brackets or wooden stringers! This ‘Power Module’ also contributes to the Spartan’s stability by placing all electronic components lower in the deep-V hull to reduce the overall centre of gravity.

Power is provided by the incredible Velineon brushless motor system. The water-cooled 540XL brushless motor is coupled to a VXL-6s waterproof electronic speed controller for easy, no fuss operation. The speedo even includes Traxxas’ unique variable mode option where you can choose from 1 of 3 power settings. Training mode starts you off at 50% power whilst you’re getting used to the Spartan, then progress up through Sport to full power Race mode before experimenting with different battery packs.

Power is routed to the Spartan’s twin blade composite propeller via a stainless steel outdrive assembly, colour anodised and fully adjustable so you can set Spartan up for differing conditions from dead clam to choppy! Finished off with stainless steel hex hardware to resist corrosion, nothing has been overlooked in Traxxas quest for maritime perfection!

Like all Traxxas vehicles, Spartan VXL is backed up with spares support that is second to none.

Spartan VXL is supplied fully assembled and ready-to-race with included Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz 2-channel multi-function radio system, 2x Traxxas Power Cell 7.2V NiMH battery pack (with high-current connector) and AC charger, plus stunning *factory-applied graphics.