Traxxas TRX82056-4-YLW TRX-4 Land Rover Defender 110 - Yellow Limited Edition
Traxxas TRX82056-4-YLW TRX-4 Land Rover Defender 110 - Yellow Limited Edition
Traxxas TRX82056-4-YLW TRX-4 Land Rover Defender 110 - Yellow Limited Edition
Traxxas TRX82056-4-YLW TRX-4 Land Rover Defender 110 - Yellow Limited Edition
Traxxas TRX82056-4-YLW TRX-4 Land Rover Defender 110 - Yellow Limited Edition

Traxxas TRX82056-4-YLW TRX-4 Land Rover Defender 110 - Yellow Limited Edition

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The Traxxas TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler is an all-new Traxxas design that is loaded with innovation that instantly obsoletes the status quo with exciting new features, versatility, and capability. In other words, we built it the Traxxas way, rugged, powerful, and ready for fun!Underneath the authentic scale look is a machine built for extreme off-road capability that takes you to new places and new adventures. Exclusive portal axles deliver maximum ground clearance that dramatically turns "no way" into "no problem." Whether you are enjoying outdoor trails or getting technical on the rocks, the remote-locking front and rear differentials and high/low range transmission provide unmatched driving versatility.

Trail trucks are fast and nimble, but lack the off-road credentials to tackle a technical course. Dedicated crawlers power over obstacles, but their locked differentials and slow speeds make them boring on the trail. The all-new groundbreaking Traxxas TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler obliterates the line between trail rig and crawler.

Built the Traxxas way, the TRX-4 is rugged, powerful, and ready for fun on the trail or the crawling course. Remotely locking differentials, steep approach angles, and industry-first portal axles provide bona fide crawling credentials. Revolutionary Cruise Control and remotely operated high/low transmission make it a blast to drive on the trail. Why compromise when the TRX-4 Scale and Trail crawler lets you have it all?

  • Officially Licensed Land Rover Defender Body
  • Trail-tuned XL-5 HV Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
  • Traxxas EZ-Set one-button setup
  • Powerful TitanT 21T reverse rotation motor with internal cooling fan
  • Portal Axles provide Increase ground clearance (3.14") and eliminate torque twist
  • 1.5mm Rigid Steel Frame rails increase torsional rigidity
  • Full-time shaft driven 4-wheel drive drivetrain features remote locking steel gear differentials with cable-actuation
  • Innovative Battery Compartment had a hinged battery strap allowing for quick and easy battery access
  • Two speed transmission has high/low range with remote shifting
  • Steering features Superior 45° steering angle
  • Front Suspension - 3 link with panhard
  • Rear Suspension - Triangulated 4 link
  • Aluminium GTS Shocks
  • 1.9" Canyon Trail tyres with trail-tuned foam inserts
  • TQiT 2.4GHz 4-channel transmitter
  • Telemetry ready #6533 5-channel micro receiver with failsafe
  • Patented O-Ring sealed watertight receiver box keeps the micro receiver dry
  • Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Hex hardware with rust-resistant black oxide coating
Detailed Features


Heavy-Duty Steel Frame Rails
A thick 1.5mm steel ladder frame with molded cross members provides exceptional torsional rigidity to resist even the worst chassis twisting articulation. This extremely rigid backbone lets the suspension do the work it was designed to do. You'll feel the difference on trails where the elimination of chassis flex allows for precise wheel placement when navigating technical terrain.

Adjustable Wheelbase
The innovative shock towers allow four separate "bolt-on" wheelbase positions: 300, 312, 324, and 336mm to accommodate custom body fitment. Further fine tuning is possible with the axle links and adjustable shock position.

Moulded Wire Retainers

The finer details matter so we incorporated wire retainers into the frame rails, which provide a clean look and keep the wiring more secure from off-road hazards.

Dual-Fit Battery Tray
TRX-4's dual-fit battery tray offers extreme flexibility when choosing batteries. For extended run times, the large upper tray accommodates a full-length 5000 mAh 3-cell LiPo or 7600 mAh 2-cell LiPo. A hinged battery strap provides quick and secure battery mounting without pins to lose in the field. The innovative strap flips over to adjust for different height batteries. A smaller integrated tray accepts smaller Traxxas batteries (that fit our 1/16 scale models) for increased forward weight bias.

Floor Pans
Tough floor pans integrate with the wheel wells to enhance the scale appearance and keep debris out of the chassis.

Aluminium Scale Shocks
All new oil-filled coil-over GTS shocks were created exclusively for the TRX-4 chassis to smooth out even the roughest trails. These silver-anodized aluminium shocks deliver silky-smooth damping and feature threaded bodies for easy ride height adjustment. The convincing scale realism looks great and they perform even better with an O-ring cap seal and dual X-ring shaft seals.


Portal Axels
Exclusive to the TRX-4, portal axles lift the differential pumpkin to provide incredible ground clearance. This radical design also improves axle geometry and reduces strain on the driveshafts. Steel gears ensure trouble-free performance, no matter how technical the climb.

Torque Twist Eliminated
On conventional rigs with the limited gear reduction in the differentials, motor torque is applied to the frame to the point of twisting you right off the rocks. The TRX-4's radical portal axle design reduces the gear ratio at the wheels, virtually eliminating torque twist through the chassis. Total axle gear reduction is over twice non-portal designs so Titan motor torque delivers smooth forward motion, not frame twist.

T-Lock Remote Locking Differentials
Conventional crawlers equipped with axle spools sacrifice turning radius for traction. Traxxas gives you the freedom and versatility to lock and unlock both the front and rear differentials to suit your driving needs, all controlled remotely from your transmitter. Leave the differentials unlocked for relaxed driving on the trail with smooth, tight turning and better handling at high speeds. When the trail gets technical, lock the front and rear differentials, or just the front differential, for superior pull and grip over extreme terrain. New sleeved micro cables control the differential action for scale appearance, without limiting the huge suspension articulation.

High/Low Transmission
Why carry your crawler down the trail when you can drive? The TRX-4 features a high speed gear to get you to your next crawling challenge quickly. When you get there, flip the rocker switch on your transmitter to engage low range and conquer tough terrain with exceptional torque.

Hardened Steel U-Joints
U-joints on the front and rear driveshafts provide smooth, reliable power delivery for non-stop fun.

Twin Friction Plate Sliper Clutch
A twin friction plate slipper clutch provides some additional protection from motor stalls in extreme crawling conditions.


Raised Centre Driveshaft and Suspension Links
TRX4's radical portal axle design raises the driveshafts higher to improve axle geometry and reduce driveshaft angles. Higher driveshafts and suspension links pass over obstacles to avoid high-centering your truck and reduce overall grinding wear.

High Steering and Drag Links
The steering link and drag link attach high on the portal axles, raising them away from possible damage. This allows the TRX-4 to attack obstacles head on, reducing the risk of hitting the steering linkage on rocks.

45-Degree Steering Angle
With the front differential unlocked, the superior 45-degree steering angle negotiates around even the tightest bends with ease. This helps avoid awkward reversing maneuvers in tight spaces.

Extreme Approach Angle
With a 56.49 degree out-of-box approach angle in the front, TRX-4 is ready to climb walls. An equally impressive 41.67 degree rear approach angle provides extreme capability, even in the deepest ruts.

High Ground Clearance
Portal axles help raise the center ground clearance to an unparalleled 3.14 inches (80mm), while raised suspension links and driveshafts clear the rocks underneath. Superior capability equals more fun no matter where your adventure takes you.

Front Motor Design
The TRX-4's large 550 size brushed 21-turn Titan motor provides smooth reliable power and loads of torque to climb the toughest obstacles. The front mounted orientation moves the weight bias forward to get you up and over obstacles with improved traction.


HV stands for compatibility with the high-voltage 3s LiPo battery packs for greater efficiency and power. In addition to the three standard profiles (Sport, Race, Training Mode®), the XL-5 HV features a Trail profile that serves up a little bit of drag brake for smooth intuitive driving for most of your adventures. A new Crawl profile introduces hill hold and instant reverse for extremely technical courses. Either will help you navigate the trail with ease.

Titan 21T 550 Motor
Torque rules the trail! The TRX-4's massive Titan 21T motor pumps out huge torque to get you up and over anything that gets in the way. An integrated cooling fan keeps temperatures down for extended run times.

Waterproof Metal Gear Servo
A full-metal gear digital servo gives you the durability and steering authority you need to confidently and reliably power through tough challenges.

TQi 4-Channel Radio System
The Traxxas TQi radio system features exclusive cruise control for long-distance treks. Set your speed using the transmitter and then use the multi-function knob to fine-tune it faster or slower to match your pace. The grip-mounted rocker switch selects high or low range gears to suit the terrain while a separate toggle switch engages or disengages the locking differentials, all on the fly. Best of all, the TQi is compatible with the TRX6511 Wireless Module so you can set up everything right from your smartphone.

Waterproof Micro Servos with Sleeved Cables
TRX-4 uses three fully-waterproof micro servos to actuate the front and rear differentials as well as the high/low range selection on the transmission. Sleeved micro cables eliminate complicated linkages that would otherwise limit suspension articulation.

Accessory LED Light Kit
The inner fenders are equipped with pockets to install our optional LED rock light kit, casting light right where it's needed. Optional Rigid light bar and bolt-in headlight kits illuminate the trail ahead and provide an authentic appearance. A separate regulated power supply ensures powerful lighting with consistent brightness. All light kits and light kit accessories are sold separately.

Scale Details

Moulded Inner Fenders
Tough inner fenders integrate with the floor pans and shock towers to provide substantial look and feel to the TRX-4. The authentic realism adds to the fun while also helping to keep rocks, mud, and twigs out of the chassis.

Rock Sliders
Functional rock sliders help prevent damage and provide extra support for the body. The additional bracing adjusts for different widths.

1.9" Scale Wheels and Tyres
The 1.9" wheels provide a bold scale look for the TRX-4 and come pre-glued and mounted to aggressive, S1-compound Canyon Trail tyres. Deep tread blocks flex for maximum traction on the rocks. The trail-tuned foam inserts provide realistic sidewall flex for authentic climbing action. A standard 12mm steel hex makes the TRX-4 chassis compatible with popular 1.9" wheel and tyre combinations.

Rugged Roll Cage
TRX-4's functional roll cage fastens securely to the body to provide rigidity and rollover protection. The top rack stores your scale accessories and adds realistic looks to the truck. Add the optional Rigid

Tough Fender Flares
Tough, yet flexible and impact resistant fender flares fasten tightly to the inner fender wells to provide rugged protection and awesome looks.

Secure Body Mounting System
The TRX-4 Defender body secures to the frame at the rear bumpers, rock sliders, and with the top mounting posts. This multi-point mounting system prevents unrealistic body shake and provides rigid support for the spare tyre and accessories in the rear.

Whats in the Box?
  • TRX-4, Ready-To-Drive model
  • XL-5 HV waterproof electronic speed control
  • Titan 21T reverse rotation motor
  • TQi 2.4GHz radio system
  • High quality maintenance tool

Needed to Complete
  • Batteries
    • TRX-4 accepts a wide variety of NiMH (4-7 cell) and LiPo (2s-3s) batteries.
  • Charger
    • Traxxas EZ-Peak Live charger is recommended for easy and fast charging performance (model #2971).
  • AA Alkaline Batteries
    • Four AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter.



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Brand Traxxas
Product Code 0000004610-000004613